When you run apps on your desktop or online, the software also looks for ways to speed up the performance and allocate more resources where they are needed most. Another great software that can optimize your PC and help you deal with unnecessary files is CCleaner. By using this tool you’ll ensure that your PC is faster and more stable with fewer crashes.

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System Mechanic is one of the most popular tuning tools around and it’s easy to see why. Although the interface isn’t particularly special it does offer a comprehensive range of cleaning tools as well as the ability to optimise your CPU, memory and internet connection. Do not clean everything automatically, at least when you run this feature for the first time. Always check carefully, which files you allow to remove, or choose to clean by script.

A hijack log also lets you identify potentially unwanted toolbars and BHOs. SlimCleaner can be run from a flash drive so you can use it to clean up several PCs without having to install the program on all of them.

There is always a risk of deleting temp files that are needed by OS.Backup changes – most PC optimizers have built-in tools for archiving changes caused by optimization. Before the first cleaning, we recommend setting up backups to prevent system crashes.

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  • System Utilities – System utilities are applications such as anti-virus, network utilities, memory testers, and registry cleaners.
  • The Norton Security Premium stops threats at all times keeping your computer and all of your important information safe and secure.
  • Norton Security Premium will keep your PC more secure when working with a Windows platform and CD-ROM Media.
  • With this utility software you will be able to browse the internet, make purchases online, and bank online with the ultimate security.
  • This utility software will notify you of social media scams and content that could damage your computer.

You could edit the registry manually, not to mention defragment your hard disk, back up your data and delete unwanted files all by yourself. Investing in a system utilities product is akin to having a knowledgeable friend who can just do it all for you. Rather than one magical process, it’s a combination of several approaches.

Iolo’s System Mechanic tool excels at rooting out behind-the-scenes problems that are slowing down your computer, and making sure that things stay speedy. It can detect and remove more than 50 types of hidden junk files and look for over 30,000 issues that may be causing errors. It can also delete unnecessary bloatware to speed up your startup times, and wipe your browser history to keep internet activities fast. Both quick scans and deep scans are available, depending on your goals, and System Mechanic can take care of defragging and similar tags if you say the word.

It then permanently deletes those files and gives you more storage space. This can be especially useful on laptops, which traditionally have limited storage. There’s a defrag tool and a duplicate finder, optimization for solid-state drives, and it can check the versions of installed software to see if there’s a new version available.

The application is optimized for cleaning temporary files, so you can easily clean your Recycle Bin, recent documents, temporary files, and other files that might interfere with your PC’s performance. So some system maintenance utilities are loaded with optimization tools, and these are six of the best Windows repair and optimizer software. A system optimizerincludes a variety of tools for optimizing desktops and laptops so that they run almost as good as new. Many publishers boast that their system maintenance utilities greatly increase system speed and fix numerous issues that crash software. To learn more, read our articles on PC system utility software.

PC system utility software can easily handle the above maintenance processes, and they are usually included in one-click optimization tools. Sometimes, there are things that you really shouldn’t do or are driver update software completely unnecessary that your utility software says you should do. One of the most useful features you’ll find in PC system utility software is the PC cleaner, or something similarly named. This utility searches your computer for temporary files and other useless junk taking up space.