When you’ve both been connected, you each select the Pokemon you want to trade at the same time and then both players are asked if they agree to the swap. There’s no way to say “This is what I want to offer, and this is what I want in return.” It’s just you selecting a Pokemon, your trade partner selecting a Pokemon, and then both of you being asked if you accept. So far, I’ve had no one accept a trade and, frankly, I haven’t wanted to trade for any of the Pokemon other people wind up offering. In fact, Sword and Shield might have my favorite music across the entire franchise. I’m not often driven to plug in a pair of earbuds when I’m playing Switch games in handheld mode, but Sword and Shield definitely made me want to because its music is simply fantastic.

As someone who has never really been driven to catch them all, the fact that the Pokedex has been cut in half may actually have its advantages. Still, I do have my favorites, and many of those favorites simply are not in Sword and Shield. I’m definitely not alone in that particular boat, given the sheer number of Pokemon that aren’t in the Galar Pokedex. It’s a bummer to see that your favorite Pokemon didn’t make the cut, or that you won’t be able to bring over some of the Pokemon you’ve used in previous installments. For that matter, we can’t even bring Pokemon from previous games forward to Sword and Shield yet; that functionality won’t be added until sometime next year when Pokemon Home launches.

These are easily the best looking Pokemon games I’ve ever played, but that’s not exactly a difficult accomplishment given that up until this point, mainline Pokemon games have been exclusive to handheld consoles. Still, the Galar region largely looks incredible, and its towns and cities – some of which are massive – are a joy to explore. As far check as the new Pokemon go, I have to say that I’m really impressed.

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Though there are some questionable designs among this new batch , I really love a lot of these new Pokemon. For me at least, that excitement has been missing from a lot of recent Pokemon games, so it was nice to have it back.

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  • Last Friday, Sword and Shield launched as the eighth generation title to the widely popular Pokémon franchise.
  • A staple of any new generation game is a class of never before seen Pokémon to catch and battle.
  • That’s no exception for the Galar region, as this time around you’ll find around 80 new additions to the series’ cast of collectible characters.
  • But there’s more than just some new Pokédex entries to marvel at.
  • Not only have graphics have received some notable upgrades, but there’s another area where both Sword and Shield have been overhauled, overarching story.
  • Marking the first mainstream debut for the series on Nintendo Switch, the two new games have been some of the more controversial releases from Game Freak.

As you play, you’re periodically brought up to speed by several characters, but you never really get the chance to participate until the very end. This is a system that was clearly made for two people who are communicating outside of the game to set up trades with one another, and it isn’t a suitable stand-in for the Global Trade System. I suspect that there’s no GTS because Pokemon Home will facilitate trading between players, but the obvious question then becomes “why aren’t Sword and Shield and Pokemon Home launching side-by-side? ” For now, it seems that Surprise Trade – Sword and Shield’s version of Wonder Trade – is the best way to trade Pokemon with other players online. Instead, you perform a trade by first connecting to the internet and searching for another player to trade with in the background.